Know Thyself


Going through everything I’ve been through the last several months the phrase “Know Thyself” has been circling in my mind…specifically the scene from the Matrix when the Oracle points the sign out to Neo which states:

“Temet Nosce”

Or Know Thyself in Latin. (Future tattoo idea??) As I progress in my journey towards wholeness I realize more and more how little we spend getting to know ourselves. We spend so much time wrapped up in social media or Netflix binges that we forget to spend time with ourselves. Silence, reflection, and meditation seem to be things we run away from…as if we are afraid that something ugly from within might surface. Here’s the thing though–whatever it is that we are afraid of is exactly what we need to accept. If we don’t truly face ourselves and learn and grow into who we are we just end up being reflections of those around us…never really reaching our full potential or truly being able to love.

I think about those around me that hate their appearance, hate who they are…thinking “If I could just lose another 15lbs I would finally be happy with myself” “If I could just get him to like me” “If I could just get that promotion…or job”…but the thing is our identity is not what we look like…it’s not what we do…it’s not how we feel.

Our identity is complete acceptance of who we are right now, in this moment, warts and all.

Your appearance does not define you, nor does your job, nor does your spouse…Our world is all about change. Constantly improving, which is fantastic don’t get me wrong, however when it comes to looking inwards we’ve got it all wrong. We should never try to change who we are…but rather grow into who we are. There is nothing wrong with you.

“This moment is as perfect as it can be”
–Richard Rohr

We are all on a journey and we are all in different places, and where we are right now is completely OK. Meet yourself where you are. Embrace it and begin to know thyself. Spend time alone in the quiet…reflect on the “whys” behind feelings and actions, know that sometimes you may feel those “whys” are ugly, but also know it’s ok. Accept it for what it is, learn from it and move on. Lean into yourself, lean into your gifts…your strengths. Embrace you.

Now this is all easy for me to say…but to turn it all back onto myself is a different story. But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? As I keep saying–it’s a journey. And I’m OK with that.


Feelin’ Good and Ready to Rock

During the past two weeks I’ve done my Preceptorship for nursing on top of working and have not had any days off until yesterday…I LOVED IT. Being able to spend 12 hours pouring myself into other people was exactly what I needed and it brought me back. For now. I’m praying I can find a way to balance where I am now with where I was so I can keep from the edge of that cliff. Meanwhile I’ve started working out again and started a new group on Facebook that focuses on the wholeness of health. I’ve learned how important mental, physical, and spiritual healths are for the entirety of our well being. If I’m going to be whole, I need to be whole in each of those areas as well. So I invite anyone reading to join me on this journey! It’s a new year…let’s make this the beginning of a new life.

Here’s video that explains what I’m doing. I’m kind of funny…just watch.