Feelin’ Good and Ready to Rock

During the past two weeks I’ve done my Preceptorship for nursing on top of working and have not had any days off until yesterday…I LOVED IT. Being able to spend 12 hours pouring myself into other people was exactly what I needed and it brought me back. For now. I’m praying I can find a way to balance where I am now with where I was so I can keep from the edge of that cliff. Meanwhile I’ve started working out again and started a new group on Facebook that focuses on the wholeness of health. I’ve learned how important mental, physical, and spiritual healths are for the entirety of our well being. If I’m going to be whole, I need to be whole in each of those areas as well. So I invite anyone reading to join me on this journey! It’s a new year…let’s make this the beginning of a new life.

Here’s video that explains what I’m doing. I’m kind of funny…just watch.


The Ultimate Reset Day 17

Ok so I’m four days away from finishing!! Yay! Up until today I’ve felt fantastic. No more depression, no more bloating, nothing. I felt alive and awake…and I’m 9 lbs down! Then this morning I woke up with a sore throat, headache, and body aches. Booooo. I really hope this goes away in a couple days. I’m also quite tired. I guess that’s what happens when you visit 1st graders for Therapy Dog. I’m really happy that this is almost over, I think what I miss most is being able to decide what I want to eat and my Shakeology. Oh God do I miss my Shakeology. Ok so here’s what’s been on the menu:

Day 15

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Asian Cabbage Salad, miso soup, 1/2 sliced avocado
-Salad was good. Reminded me of the asian ramen salad except without the ramen. I didn’t have time to make the soup and I didn’t have avocado so all I had was the salad.
Dinner: Baked sweet potato and garlic veggies
-Decent. I didn’t feel like it was enough food though. I was still hungry.

Day 16

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Microgreen salad with pumpkin seeds and dressing
Dinner: Curried cauliflower and lemon pepper kale
-Cauliflower was good, but it was so much cauliflower! And I replaced the kale with spinach

Day 17

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Moroccan Carrot salad on 3 cups of greens
-This was good. I liked the spices they had in the carrot salad.
Dinner: Roasted Delicata Squash and Green Beans with lemon
-I decided I don’t like squash so instead I did tempeh with coconut spinach  and green beans. The tempeh and spinach is Day 19’s dinner too.

How I feel:
Like I said I was feeling fantastic up until this morning. Hoping it passes quickly and I can have a great weekend. It’s the local dog show and I’m competing as well as volunteering.

The Supplements:
No more detox. Can’t complain there! The Restore tabs are pretty big so they can be hard to swallow, but otherwise I’m just thankful I don’t have to take detox anymore.

I will update you guys again on the last day with my final results and how the rest of this week went 🙂 See you in four days!