The Ultimate Reset–Yeah but did I keep the weight off??

Isn’t that what everyone wants to know? Ok so you lost 11lbs, but what really matters is that you kept it off! DID YOU!?

The answer?

Yes. Aside from 2lbs. So instead of losing 11lbs I ended up losing 9lbs. 


By not going back to eating like a cow! …well actually more like eating like a cow…eating more veggies. The Ultimate Reset was more than just a “diet” it was a way to change my perception of food. Now I look at pizza and think…gross. I know right?? Cray cray. I ate like crap most of December because of stupid Christmas and all the delicious cookies and people making bad for me food insisting I eat it so I did…but oh my GOSH did I miss spinach! I ate a spinach salad, salmon, and brown rice yesterday and it was GLORIOUS. I loved that much more than any pasta or pizza…and if you knew me that’d blow your mind. Pasta used to be what I lived off of. It is my specialty for cooking, but now I don’t really care about it. I don’t care about cheese either…also an “OMG” thing. Sooo long story short you’ve got to change your mindset to change your habits. And this can be done as long as you’ve got the willpower to do it! I can help too…I like helping 🙂 Just ask!